1. 語学ボランティア
2. スキーイントラボランティア
3. 災害&復興応援ボランティア
4. 国際スポーツイベントボランティア
5. 食育関連イベントボランティア
6. 料理ボランティア
7. 援農ボランティア
8. 病院ボランティア


I am a full-time office administrator working in Tokyo. In my spare time, I enjoy my life doing volunteer work.

Some examples of roles I have volunteered:

1. Language support
2. Ski teaching
3. Disaster relief & restoration support
4. International sports events support
5. Food-related events support
6. Cooking
7. Farming
8. Hospital reception

I have volunteered for a variety of different organizations and carried out a variety of different roles. Three of the main roles I currently enjoy are cooking, skiing and farming. I learn so many things, I meet many new people, and I love to continue volunteering.